How to Make Money With a Drone [2022]

With 2025 expected to find the drone business at a whopping $63.6 billion, things can only get better for drone pilots. Provided you have the passion for perfecting your craft, there are many opportunities to exploit. A lot of new aspiring drone pilots focus on the gear, forgetting that drones are regulated by the FAA, … Read more

How to Spot a Drone at Night in 6 Ways

Drones have become increasingly useful today than ever before, and even though most drone operations are done during the day, it’s possible to see drones at night. While some people are using them to better their living, others are misusing them by snooping on people’s privacy. Moreso now that you don’t need waivers to fly … Read more

How Far Can a Drone Fly? (Explained)

Are you thinking of starting a career as a drone pilot or flying drones just for fun? Knowing how far they can fly is one of the factors to consider since it helps narrow down which drone to get based on the task at hand. While drones have not been known to have the longest … Read more

29 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Drone

While drones are a new technology, the amount of things you can do with them far exceeds their age.  As an avid flyer, I’m not immune to getting bored now and again when my current drone obsession starts to burn out. When this happens, I go straight to my favorite drone forums to look up … Read more

Types of Drones: A Complete Guide of the 4 Types and What They Do

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are used to complete a wide range of tasks, from entertainment to changing the landscape of war. But what are the different types of drones? The four different types of drones are: Rotary blade drones Underwater drones Fixed Wing drones Fixed Wing Hybrid Vertical Take-off and Landing drones … Read more

The Best VR Drones [2022]

The best VR drones offer the fullest immersive experience a drone can offer. You are so integrated into the flying experience that even your brain struggles to realize that you’re not soaring, rising and diving through the air. On top of that, you’ll only enjoy it more the better you get at piloting. And this … Read more

Best Drone Mapping Software

Drone mapping software

With drones increasingly being used in industries such as surveying, construction, mining, engineering, agriculture, and public safety, having the right mapping software is key to getting the data you need in the most accurate and efficient way.  In this guide, we rank the best drone mapping software for different applications and industries, covering all the … Read more

Best Drone Landing Pad: Complete Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Best drone landing pads

Most people fly their drones outside, but this comes with some risks. One of those risks is potentially damaging your drone when landing it on uneven, hard, or wet surfaces. The solution? A drone landing pad. A drone landing pad provides a safe space for your drone to land on, so in this guide we … Read more

Top 5 Best Drones For Hunting 2022 (Every Price Range)

Best drones for hunting

Drones can help you reduce the more tedious parts of the hunt, like finding downed game in tall grass before it starts to spoil. They can help you scout game or explore the lay of the land so you pick the best route. There are many ways drones can help you hunt, but before heading … Read more