Drone Laws in North Dakota Explained (2023 Regulations)


Drones offer exciting possibilities for business and personal use in the great state of North Dakota.

But before setting off on your next drone flight, it’s vital to know the key drone laws. Learn everything you need to know about drone laws in North Dakota to ensure safe, compliant drone operations.

Can You Fly a Drone in North Dakota?

Yes, you can fly a drone in North Dakota as a hobbyist or commercial pilot. However, all drone operators should follow federal, state, and local drone laws. 

Federal Drone Laws in North Dakota

Federal Drone Laws in North Dakota

Drone pilots in North Dakota must follow federal regulations set by the FAA, including Part 107 rules for agency pilots and recreational drone registration requirements

Commercial Drone Use 

Commercial drone pilots fly a drone for business use and/or profitable activity. To fly a drone commercially in North Dakota, you must:

Recreational Drone Flying

Recreational drone operators use their drones for fun, but must still follow important regulations. Key recreational drone flying requirements include:

Government Employee Drone Operation

All government employees in North Dakota, including the fire department or police, must adhere to the FAA’s Part 107 rule or obtain a federal Certificate of Authorization (COA)

Note: This content is accurate until it was last updated, and drone regulations in North Dakota can change over time. This is not meant to take the place of legal counsel.

State Drone Laws in North Dakota

State Drone Laws in North Dakota

In addition to federal drone laws, many states have state-wide drone laws. Created by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly and outlined by the North Dakota Department of Transportation, state drone laws include:

  • HB 1328 // 2015: This law outlines limitations for using UJAS for surveillance purposes
    • UAS cannot be armed with a deadly weapon 

Local Drone Laws in North Dakota

Local Drone Laws in North Dakota

Local drone laws apply to specific counties, cities, or regions within a state. Many states have local drone laws throughout. However, we did not uncover specific local drone laws in North Dakota. To be sure, always check with your local jurisdiction before operating a drone. 

Penalties for Violating Drone Laws in North Dakota

Breaking drone laws in North Dakota may lead to serious consequences. The specific penalty depends on the drone law broken, the number of offenses, and more. Common penalties for violating drone laws include:

  • Fines, between hundreds and thousands of dollars
  • Drone confiscation 
  • Civil and/or criminal charges
  • Jail time 

FAQs About Drone Laws in North Dakota

Are drones legal in North Dakota?

Yes, drones are legal in North Dakota as long as you register the drone with the FAA and follow all drone laws. 

Can you fly a drone in a North Dakota national park?

No, you may not fly a drone in a national park in North Dakota. 

How can I get a drone license in North Dakota?

Hobbyist drone operators must take The Recreational UAS Safety Test and register their drone with the FAA to legally fly it in North Dakota.

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