The Best Non-DJI Drones (7 DJI Alternatives)

Best Non-DJI Drones

Almost all drone pilots agree that DJI drones lead the pack in camera quality, battery life, flying range, and stability – among other specifications. DJI always has a gadget on top, regardless of the feature you pick. Nevertheless, drone flyers have begun turning their heads toward the best non-DJI drones. Some cite DJI’s restrictive security … Read more

5 Best Drones Without Geofencing [2022]

Best Drones without Geofencing

Being a drone photographer is fun until drone geofencing stops you from getting that perfect shot. Imagine being on an island with beautiful scenery, but you can’t fly to certain areas and take pictures and videos for memories because the drone won’t take off! Luckily, not all drones have geofencing, but which are the best … Read more

5 Best American Made Drones (Not Made in China)

Top 5 Best American-Made Drones

Like many other electronic products, China is the leading manufacturer of drones with DJI, a Chinese company, occupying over 70% of the world drone market. However, many pilots have been feeling the call to bring their business back to the American market, whether for quality purposes or political.  American-made drones are swiftly rising the ranks … Read more

Best Drone Landing Pad: Complete Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Best drone landing pads

Most people fly their drones outside, but this comes with some risks. One of those risks is potentially damaging your drone when landing it on uneven, hard, or wet surfaces. The solution? A drone landing pad. A drone landing pad provides a safe space for your drone to land on, so in this guide we … Read more

Top 5 Best Drones For Hunting 2022 (Every Price Range)

Best drones for hunting

Drones can help you reduce the more tedious parts of the hunt, like finding downed game in tall grass before it starts to spoil. They can help you scout game or explore the lay of the land so you pick the best route. There are many ways drones can help you hunt, but before heading … Read more

Best Drones With Wheels 2022 (& Ground Drones)

Best drones with wheels

Driving a drone on the floor that takes off into the air at the press of a button is an exciting, back-to-basics way to introduce kids to technology through fun. Even you will feel like a kid again, while they won’t even realize they’re learning. The engineering and physics concepts they come face-to-face with when … Read more

8 Best Drones Without a Camera (2022)

Best drones without a camera

Why pay for a camera if you don’t want to use it? Drones without cameras are lighter, cheaper, and great for beginners who want to fly by sight rather than through a screen. They’re even great for pros to practice their piloting skills without risking their expensive kit.  This also makes them great for kids. … Read more

Best Drones With Screens on the Controller 2022

Drones with screens on controller

When you’re far out in nature taking photos or video with your drone, you’ll want to keep your phone handy for emergencies, but your drone probably uses your phone as a screen. Buying a controller with a dedicated display that is compatible with your drone will give you one big thing less to worry about. … Read more

Best Travel Drones 2022: Go Traveling With These Great Drones

best travel drones for traveling

Take your travel photos and videos to the next level with a travel drone. Taking your travel photography airborne is like the difference between going from 2D to 3D in art or computer games. You can take photos that make your friends say ‘wow’. Drones take the type of landscape photos that you expect from … Read more