About DroneSourced

DroneSourced is a drone publisher that writes about the latest releases, the industry’s current state, and writes in-depth reviews and recommendations of which drone to buy.

We’re a team of drone enthusiasts and tech experts who love flying drones, teaching others about drones, and helping others learn all about their favorite hobby!

About the team

Chris Cho

I’m a huge fan of drones, cars, and anything that moves fast! Having bought, tested, and raced drones over the years, tinkering and experimenting with different parts and types, my fascination with drone technology led me to start this blog.

So, if you enjoy drone content covering the latest drone reviews, recommendations for the best drones for certain uses, and informative content on programming drones and other fun areas, stick around!

I also write for FindTheBestCarPrice.com, and MotoristCare.com

Rashida Beal

Rashida Beal DroneSourced

Rashida is a self-proclaimed gear-head and technical writer.  Through her work, Rashida aims to highlight the limitless possibilities of drones in fields like photography, search & rescue, and environmental monitoring. When she’s not writing, she travels the world playing women’s soccer at a professional level.

Rashida can also be found on LinkedIn and Medium.

Peter Karanja

Peter Karanja DroneSourced

Peter Karanja is a licensed drone pilot from Kenya, freelance writer and drone enthusiast. He has been using drones for land survey, GIS, and photography for the past three years. Being a drone user, he loves writing about drone applications, safety tips for using drones, and the best ways to get the most out of a drone. He has written extensively about drones online for other large-scale technology publishers.