Complete History of Drones: From 1849 To 2023

History of Drones

Unmanned aircraft vehicles, including drones, have a much more extensive history than most realize. While there’s a relatively newer buzz around drones, they’ve been around since the beginning of the 20th century. While drones were often used at first for military tactics, they’re now popular for recreational flying and commercial use.  Reflecting on the progress … Read more

Best Drone Apps 2023: Get Ready for Take Off

These days, the best drones are compatible with drone apps that are opening up more and more possibilities in terms of flight mapping, camera capabilities and even VR flying. So, having the right app for your needs can be a huge boost to your work. In this guide, we reveal everything you need to know … Read more

Drone Photography Pricing [2023 Rates]

Are you a drone pilot interested in real estate photography or considering hiring a drone photographer? Then you must be wondering how much the new technology will cost you. Search no more for we’ve got you sorted! So, how much does real estate photography cost? Real estate photography costs $100 per hour, on average. It … Read more

53 Drone Statistics & Facts (2023 Edition)

Drone technology is driving revolutionary changes across multiple sectors. In this article, we’ll reveal the over 50 key drone statistics and intriguing facts, showcasing the impressive growth and untapped potential of this industry. Here’s what the drone industry looks like today, tomorrow, and beyond. Key Drone Stats Drone Owner Demographics Who’s flying this thing? Mostly … Read more

How Fast Do Drones Fly? (With Comparison Chart)

Along with other vital features to consider when buying a drone, speed is crucial. Drone racers want a fast drone to compete effectively, while commercial users want a drone that can move swiftly during filming, or when they need to conduct an emergency landing. But how fast do drones fly? Generally, the speed of popular … Read more

What Happens If You Fly A Drone Above 400 Feet?

In October 2017, a drone collided with a Beech King Air 100 with 6 passengers and 2 crew onboard. This, along with many other incidents reported all over the world where drones either collided or had near-misses with aircraft, gave proof of the need for altitude regulations to be put in place and enforced.  So, … Read more

29 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Drone

While drones are a new technology, the amount of things you can do with them far exceeds their age.  As an avid flyer, I’m not immune to getting bored now and again when my current drone obsession starts to burn out. When this happens, I go straight to my favorite drone forums to look up … Read more

Types of Drones: A Complete Guide of the 4 Types and What They Do

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are used to complete a wide range of tasks, from entertainment to changing the landscape of war. But what are the different types of drones? The four different types of drones are: We’ll explore these four types in-depth as well as the different classes of drones and their … Read more