Complete History of Drones: From 1849 To 2023

History of Drones

Unmanned aircraft vehicles, including drones, have a much more extensive history than most realize. While there’s a relatively newer buzz around drones, they’ve been around since the beginning of the 20th century. While drones were often used at first for military tactics, they’re now popular for recreational flying and commercial use.  Reflecting on the progress … Read more

Drone Flyaways: How To Avoid Them And Get Your Drone Back

Drone Flyaways

While flying drones, tragedies such as drone flyaways could happen any day, anytime. The consequences likely to follow, especially after losing track of the drone, are dire and could cause anyone to panic – even the most experienced drone owners. For example, when a drone lands in restricted areas or crashes and hurts people, or … Read more

How Long Does A Drone Battery Last?

How long does a drone last

The longevity of a drone battery refers to two things: how long the battery lasts before it needs replacing (lifespan), and how long the drone can stay in the air before running out of charge (battery life). Whatever your situation, we cover both in this article. So, how long does a drone battery last? An … Read more

Can You Fly A Drone In The Rain? [Answered]

can you fly drone in the rain

You’ve probably seen YouTubers fly a drone in rain or snow and thought it was cool, and wanted to try it out yourself. But, drones are electronics after all, so can you really fly a drone in the rain without it breaking? You can’t fly a drone in the rain unless the manufacturer has confirmed … Read more

Are Drones Worth It? (My Two Cents)

are drones worth it

Drones are some of the coolest gadgets one can own. You may have watched videos about them, watched a friend fly one, or seen one fly at an event and thought, “should I buy a drone, too?” However, it’s not quite as simple a question as that.  So, are drones worth it? That depends on … Read more

Can You Fly A Drone At The Beach? [Answered]

Can You Fly A Drone At The Beach

Being at the beach is fun, but recording the moment is heartwarming and makes the day memorable. Taking photos is also a must, so bringing your drone to the beach is perfect for doing both. But can you fly a drone at the beach? While there’s no specific law warning against drone use on beaches, … Read more

Which Drones Have Remote ID? Your Ultimate Remote ID Drone Guide

Which Drones Have Remote ID

While drones have become increasingly popular, sometimes they’ve been used illegally or operated in a risky manner. As a result, the FAA directs all drones to comply with Remote ID regulations. But which drones have Remote IDs? And, what even is a Remote ID for drones? A Remote ID is a feature that allows you … Read more

Can Drones See Inside Your House? (Probably Not)

Can Drones See Inside Your House

With snooping drone cases on the rise, it’s normal to feel concerned about your safety. Even as a drone enthusiast myself, the last thing I want is a drone to be able to see inside my home. But that begs the question, can drones see inside your house? Don’t panic; with their standard cameras, drones … Read more

What Is a Gimbal on a Drone? (& Why You Need One)

What Is a Gimbal on a Drone

In drone photography and videography, precision is everything. An unstable, shaky, or jittery shot makes footage unwatchable, therefore, having a gimbal is paramount to your drone’s success. But what is a gimbal on a drone? A gimbal is a device that offers stabilization. It’s necessary to protect your camera from external forces likely to knock … Read more

Programmable Drones – A Complete Guide (2023)

best programmable drones

Drones have many uses – photography, racing, even fishing – the list goes on. One somewhat less common use of drones is for programming. Today, there are several drones on the market that you can buy and then program yourself.   In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about drone programming. We’ll explain how … Read more

Best Drone Apps 2023: Get Ready for Take Off

These days, the best drones are compatible with drone apps that are opening up more and more possibilities in terms of flight mapping, camera capabilities and even VR flying. So, having the right app for your needs can be a huge boost to your work. In this guide, we reveal everything you need to know … Read more

Best Drone Accessories 2023: Everything You Need

best drone accessories

So you have a drone, but are you really making the most of it and keeping it in the best shape possible? There are many drone accessories that can help improve your overall flying experience, but with so many out there, knowing which products suit you best can be a little confusing. That’s where we … Read more

Best Drone Landing Pad: Complete Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Best drone landing pads

Most people fly their drones outside, but this comes with some risks. One of those risks is potentially damaging your drone when landing it on uneven, hard, or wet surfaces. The solution? A drone landing pad. A drone landing pad provides a safe space for your drone to land on, so in this guide we … Read more

How to Make Money With a Drone [2023]

With 2025 expected to find the drone business at a whopping $63.6 billion, things can only get better for drone pilots. Provided you have the passion for perfecting your craft, there are many opportunities to exploit. A lot of new aspiring drone pilots focus on the gear, forgetting that drones are regulated by the FAA, … Read more

Drone Photography Pricing [2023 Rates]

Are you a drone pilot interested in real estate photography or considering hiring a drone photographer? Then you must be wondering how much the new technology will cost you. Search no more for we’ve got you sorted! So, how much does real estate photography cost? Real estate photography costs $100 per hour, on average. It … Read more