Navigating Drone Laws in Florida: Regulations and Guidelines

Navigating Drone Laws in Florida Regulations and Guidelines

Drone laws in Florida have become increasingly complex as both federal and state authorities strive to balance safety, privacy, and innovation. But, Drone operators must understand the legal landscape governing their aerial activities.  This guide provides an in-depth look at various aspects of Florida drone regulations that apply specifically to Florida. We explore the roles … Read more

53 Drone Statistics & Facts (2023 Edition)

Drone technology is driving revolutionary changes across multiple sectors. In this article, we’ll reveal the over 50 key drone statistics and intriguing facts, showcasing the impressive growth and untapped potential of this industry. Here’s what the drone industry looks like today, tomorrow, and beyond. Key Drone Stats Drone Owner Demographics Who’s flying this thing? Mostly … Read more

The Best Non-DJI Drones (7 DJI Alternatives)

Best Non-DJI Drones

Almost all drone pilots agree that DJI drones lead the pack in camera quality, battery life, flying range, and stability – among other specifications. DJI always has a gadget on top, regardless of the feature you pick. Nevertheless, drone flyers have begun turning their heads toward the best non-DJI drones. Some cite DJI’s restrictive security … Read more

What Is a Gimbal on a Drone? (& Why You Need One)

What Is a Gimbal on a Drone

In drone photography and videography, precision is everything. An unstable, shaky, or jittery shot makes footage unwatchable, therefore, having a gimbal is paramount to your drone’s success. But what is a gimbal on a drone? A gimbal is a device that offers stabilization. It’s necessary to protect your camera from external forces likely to knock … Read more

Can Drones See Inside Your House? (Probably Not)

Can Drones See Inside Your House

With snooping drone cases on the rise, it’s normal to feel concerned about your safety. Even as a drone enthusiast myself, the last thing I want is a drone to be able to see inside my home. But that begs the question, can drones see inside your house? Don’t panic; with their standard cameras, drones … Read more

5 Best Drones Without Geofencing [2022]

Best Drones without Geofencing

Being a drone photographer is fun until drone geofencing stops you from getting that perfect shot. Imagine being on an island with beautiful scenery, but you can’t fly to certain areas and take pictures and videos for memories because the drone won’t take off! Luckily, not all drones have geofencing, but which are the best … Read more

5 Best American Made Drones (Not Made in China)

Top 5 Best American-Made Drones

Like many other electronic products, China is the leading manufacturer of drones with DJI, a Chinese company, occupying over 70% of the world drone market. However, many pilots have been feeling the call to bring their business back to the American market, whether for quality purposes or political.  American-made drones are swiftly rising the ranks … Read more