How to Get a Drone License in Tennessee (in 2023)


To fly a drone commercially in Tennessee, you need to have a drone license (FAA part 107 certification). And to obtain the licence, you must pass a written exam administered by the FAA.

Steps to Get a Drone License in Tennessee

Follow these simple and straightforward steps to easily obtain the drone license:

  1. Confirm your eligibility based on the FAA’s criteria
  2. Obtain an FAA Tracking Number
  3. Register yourself at an FAA Knowledge Testing Center
  4. Dedicate time to study for the test
  5. Go through the Part 107 exam
  6. Score a pass on the exam
  7. Register your drone with the FAA

Breaking Down the Steps

1. Confirm your eligibility based on the FAA’s criteria

Before applying, ensure you meet this criteria:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Proficiency in English is required
  • Must be declared mentally and physically fit by the FAA
  • Must pass the FAA’s aeronautical knowledge exam, also known as the Part 107 test

For more information, you can visit the official FAA website.

2. Obtain an FAA Tracking Number

Next, get your FAA Tracking Number or FTN, which is essential for taking the Part 107 exam and future dealings with the FAA. You can obtain your FTN by registering on the Integrated Airman Certificate and Rating Application (IACRA) website.

Remember to fill in all relevant personal information and agree to the terms of service. Once registered, your FTN will be emailed to you and you can also access it on the IACRA site.

3. Register yourself at an FAA Knowledge Testing Center

Following that, find a place to take the FAA test. The FAA has designated Knowledge Testing Centers where you need to register for the test. Unfortunately, the test isn’t available online. Pick a date and time suitable for you at the nearest testing center.

You can take the test at numerous approved Knowledge Testing Centers, like Bakers School of Aeronautics, Nashville Flight Training, PSI Examination Services-Nashville, and North Central Institute. There are plenty more options that you can find on the PSI website.

Drone Knowledge Testing Centers in Tennessee

4. Dedicate time to study for the test

Now, it’s time to study for the test. The FAA Part 107 exam covers a wide range of subjects related to drone operations. They don’t provide any test prep but you can opt for online drone schools offering Part 107 exam prep.

The subjects you need to prepare for include nighttime drone operations, airport operations, the impact of alcohol and drugs on flight skills, and emergency procedures, among others.

5. Go through the Part 107 exam

After studying, it’s time to sit for the Part 107 exam. Make sure to prepare well in advance, mapping out your route to the Testing Center and packing all necessary materials, including a valid ID. Remember, personal items are not allowed in the testing area.

The Part 107 exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and you’ll have two and a half hours to answer them. A passing grade is at least 70 percent.

6. Score a pass on the exam

Once you’ve taken the exam, you need to wait for the results, which could take between one to three weeks. If you pass, great! If not, you can retake the exam after two weeks.

On passing, log back into IACRA and complete FAA Form 8710-13. This allows you to request a printable version of your commercial drone certificate. Your permanent license will arrive in the mail, but you can use an interim license in the meantime.

Drone License Photo in Tennessee

7. Register your drone with the FAA

Finally, you need to register your drone with the FAA. You will need to provide your physical and mailing address, email address, phone number, and details about your drone. The registration fee is $5 per drone and is valid for three years.

You must be 13 years or older to register, and if you’re a foreign operator, FAA will consider your certificate as a recognition of ownership rather than a certificate of U.S. aircraft registration.

That’s all about the drone licensing process in Tennessee.

For safe drone flying, you need to follow certain rules. These rules come from the FAA, your state, and your town.

The FAA rules are the same everywhere, but each state has its own rules, and so does Tennessee. To know about the drone laws in Tennessee, refer to our easy guide.

And if you’re thinking of taking your drone adventures beyond Tennessee, you can read our guides about getting a drone license in some other states as well:


1. Do I require a drone license to operate a drone in Tennessee?

Yes, you do require a drone license to commercially operate a drone in Tennessee. The license is known as a Remote Pilot Certificate, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

2. What licenses do I need to fly my drone in Tennessee?

To fly your drone in Tennessee, you need a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. Additionally, registration of your drone with the FAA is required if it weighs more than 0.55 lbs.

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