Types of Drones: A Complete Guide of the 4 Types and What They Do

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are used to complete a wide range of tasks, from entertainment to changing the landscape of war. But what are the different types of drones? The four different types of drones are: Rotary blade drones Underwater drones Fixed Wing drones Fixed Wing Hybrid Vertical Take-off and Landing drones … Read more

Best Drone Mapping Software

Drone mapping software

With drones increasingly being used in industries such as surveying, construction, mining, engineering, agriculture, and public safety, having the right mapping software is key to getting the data you need in the most accurate and efficient way.  In this guide, we rank the best drone mapping software for different applications and industries, covering all the … Read more

Best Drone Landing Pad: Complete Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Best drone landing pads

Most people fly their drones outside, but this comes with some risks. One of those risks is potentially damaging your drone when landing it on uneven, hard, or wet surfaces. The solution? A drone landing pad. A drone landing pad provides a safe space for your drone to land on, so in this guide we … Read more

Best Drone Accessories 2022: Everything You Need

best drone accessories

So you have a drone, but are you really making the most of it and keeping it in the best shape possible? There are many drone accessories that can help improve your overall flying experience, but with so many out there, knowing which products suit you best can be a little confusing. That’s where we … Read more

Best Drone Apps 2022: Get Ready for Take Off

These days, the best drones are compatible with drone apps that are opening up more and more possibilities in terms of flight mapping, camera capabilities and even VR flying. So, having the right app for your needs can be a huge boost to your work. In this guide, we reveal everything you need to know … Read more

How Much Does a Drone Cost? Drone Price Guide

We’ve all been excited to buy a new piece of tech, or some other dopamine-releasing purchase, only for our eagerness to result in overpaying and finding out days later we could’ve saved at least a couple bucks. Because drones are such a popular piece of hardware, and an evolving one at that, understanding pricing and … Read more

40 Drone Industry Facts You Need to Know

The drone industry is fast-growing and fast-evolving, with new market and production goals reached every year. That’s why we’ve sourced a comprehensive list of industry facts and statistics to keep you informed. When we discuss drones, we believe the Internet of Things Agenda said it best with the following description: “A drone, in technological terms, is … Read more

Gas Powered Drones – The Complete Guide 

gas powered drone

The vast majority of drones out there use electric motors powered by lithium polymer batteries, but that’s not the only way you can power a drone. Using gas to power drones is an emerging technology that is still in its infancy, but it’s likely to become more prominent in the near future.   So, what advantages … Read more

Programmable Drones – A Complete Guide (2022)

best programmable drones

Drones have many uses – photography, racing, even fishing – the list goes on. One somewhat less common use of drones is for programming. Today, there are several drones on the market that you can buy and then program yourself.   In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about drone programming. We’ll explain how … Read more