Drone Laws in Alabama (2023 Regulations)


Drone laws in Alabama are an essential topic for drone operators, recreational flyers, and enthusiasts alike. Before taking flight, you must be aware of both federal and state laws. 

In this comprehensive guide on Alabama drone laws, we will delve into the intricacies of both federal and state-wide regulations. Learn how to safely navigate through complex legal frameworks while enjoying your passion for drones in the great state of Alabama.

Federal Drone Laws in Alabama

Federal Drone Laws in Alabama

Drone operators in Alabama must follow federal regulations set by the FAA, including passing the Aeronautical Knowledge Test for business purposes and taking the Recreational UAS Safety Test for recreational flyers.

  • Part 107 Certification for Commercial Drone Pilots: Commercial drone pilots in Alabama must obtain a Part 107 certification from the FAA. 
  • TRUST Requirements for Recreational Flyers: Hobbyist drone flyers in Alabama must complete the Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)
  • Drone Registration: All drone operators must register any drone weighing over .55lbs with the FAA. 
  • Follow FAA Rules for Safe Operation: The FAA includes regulations for safe operation, including flying under 400 feet and maintaining a clear line of sight. 

State-Specific Drone Laws in Alabama

State Drone Laws in Alabama

In addition to federal laws, Alabama also has state regulations for drone operations. 

Prohibition on Flying Over Designated Facilities

Alabama law prohibits drone flights over critical infrastructure facilities. You cannot operate drones over prisons, police stations, and power plants without permission. This rule is meant to protect against potential security threats posed by unauthorized drone usage.

Criminal Penalties for Reckless Endangerment

Operating a drone recklessly in Alabama can result in a Class A misdemeanor charge punishable by up to one-year imprisonment or fines up to $6,000. This is according to Alabama Code § 13A-6-24.

All UAS operators must register their devices with the FAA before any external flight and follow local regulations. 

Local Drone Rules Throughout Alabama

Local Drone Laws in Alabama

Aside from federal and state regulations, some regions or cities across Alabama have additional local rules regarding drones.

Gulf Shores City Ordinance No 1826-2015Limits drone usage within 500 feet from outdoor special events, gulf beach areas, and venues unless the FAA and city administrator give permission ahead of time. 
Orange Beach UAVs in USS Battleship Memorial Park cannot hover near people. 
City of Oxford | OrdinanceDrone operations are prohibited on all city-owned property, including state parks, recreational areas, and spaces for Alabama’s police chief. 

The Bottom Line: Alabama Drone Laws

Alabama Drone Law Penalties

Drone operators in Alabama must follow both federal and state-specific regulations, including obtaining Part 107 certification for commercial pilots and following TRUST guidelines for hobbyists.

Flying over designated facilities is prohibited. Reckless endangerment can result in criminal penalties, so it’s important to fly responsibly.

Consider the local rules within different counties and cities throughout the state. Always check local rules before flying. 

Stay informed and fly safe!

FAQs in Relation to Drone Laws in Alabama

Does Alabama have state-specific drone laws?

Yes, Alabama has state-specific drone laws in addition to federal regulations. It has restrictions on flying over designated facilities and criminal penalties for reckless endangerment.

Can I fly a drone over private property in Alabama?

No, you should not fly a drone over private property in Alabama without prior written consent. Doing so may be considered trespassing under Alabama law. Respect privacy rights and get permission from the property owner before operating your drone.

Can I shoot a drone that’s trespassing over my property in Alabama?

No, you cannot shoot down a drone flying over your private property in Alabama. While it may be tempting,it is illegal as they are classified as aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Damaging or destroying an aircraft can result in severe criminal charges and fines.

Where can I not fly a drone in Alabama?

There are some areas in Alabama that restrict drone operations, including Alabama beaches and the Gulf Shore. 

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