The Best Non-DJI Drones (7 DJI Alternatives)

Best Non-DJI Drones

Almost all drone pilots agree that DJI drones lead the pack in camera quality, battery life, flying range, and stability – among other specifications. DJI always has a gadget on top, regardless of the feature you pick. Nevertheless, drone flyers have begun turning their heads toward the best non-DJI drones. Some cite DJI’s restrictive security … Read more

5 Best American Made Drones (Not Made in China)

Top 5 Best American-Made Drones

Like many other electronic products, China is the leading manufacturer of drones with DJI, a Chinese company, occupying over 70% of the world drone market. However, many pilots have been feeling the call to bring their business back to the American market, whether for quality purposes or political.  American-made drones are swiftly rising the ranks … Read more

The Best VR Drones [2022]

The best VR drones offer the fullest immersive experience a drone can offer. You are so integrated into the flying experience that even your brain struggles to realize that you’re not soaring, rising and diving through the air. On top of that, you’ll only enjoy it more the better you get at piloting. And this … Read more

Best Travel Drones 2022: Go Traveling With These Great Drones

best travel drones for traveling

Take your travel photos and videos to the next level with a travel drone. Taking your travel photography airborne is like the difference between going from 2D to 3D in art or computer games. You can take photos that make your friends say ‘wow’. Drones take the type of landscape photos that you expect from … Read more

Drones with the Longest Flight Time

Drones with long flight time longest

Drone technology has come a huge way in the last couple of decades, but one of the biggest limitations is that many drones still have relatively short flying times. This means you will probably want to seek out the drone with the longest flight time, but finding the best one for your budget and needs … Read more

Best Follow Me Drones That Follow You 2022

Best follow me drones that follow you

These days, the top camera drones have a variety of features designed to make both flying them and capturing high-quality footage easier than ever before. One such feature is the “follow me” mode that comes built into many photography drones. So, what are the advantages of a drone that follows you, and how do you … Read more

The Best Star Wars Drones Your Kids Will Love 2022

best star wars drone

Ever since the first Star Wars film hit cinemas all the way back in 1977, kids, teens, and adults alike have all dreamed of flying their own Millennium Falcon, or Death Star – depending on which side of the force you fall. There have been toy Star Wars spaceships available for decades, but a Star … Read more

How Much Does a Drone Cost? Drone Price Guide

We’ve all been excited to buy a new piece of tech, or some other dopamine-releasing purchase, only for our eagerness to result in overpaying and finding out days later we could’ve saved at least a couple bucks. Because drones are such a popular piece of hardware, and an evolving one at that, understanding pricing and … Read more

Top 6 Best Selfie Drones For Amazing Shots 2022

best selfie drone

Looking to take your selfie game to the next level? If so, there’s no better way to do that then by getting your hands on a top selfie drone. Not only do they let you take selfies from unique aerial angles that would otherwise be impossible, but the top selfie drones also have some awesome … Read more

5 Best Indoor Drones in 2022 (In Every Price Range)

indoor drone

When most people think of drones, they think of taking aerial photos and videos outside. However, there are also many drones that are suitable for indoor flying. These drones prioritize safety, durability and usability to make them suitable for indoor use, but how do you find the best indoor drone for you? In this guide, … Read more