Top 6 Best Selfie Drones For Amazing Shots 2023

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Looking to take your selfie game to the next level? If so, there’s no better way to do that then by getting your hands on a top selfie drone. Not only do they let you take selfies from unique aerial angles that would otherwise be impossible, but the top selfie drones also have some awesome photography features and shot modes to add that special something to your pictures.

So, how do you go about finding a selfie drone? Well, you need to shop about and compare factors like price, camera quality, usability, and so on. To make the process simpler, we’ve done exactly that and have reviewed the best selfie drones on this very page. Let’s get to it.

Selfie Drones Explained

Selfie-taking has come a long way throughout the years. From the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera to the selfie stick and ever more advanced filters, more and more possibilities have become available. Now, an increasing amount of people are capturing more unique and stunning selfies than ever before with the help of drones.

So, what exactly does a selfie drone do, and what benefits do they bring? Well, the most obvious advantage is that a drone allows you to take selfies from the air, something which just isn’t possible otherwise.

With a selfie drone camera, you can take pictures of yourself from further away, higher up and from different perspectives, so they’re ideal for taking selfies with a building or landscape featured in the background. 

Selfie drone

Not only do drones let you take selfies from new perspectives, but the best selfie drones also have intelligent flight modes that make it easy to take pictures. For example, some drones have follow me and orbit modes that see them focus on you or circle around you as they fly automatically, making it simple to capture cool and unique selfies.

You’ll also find that many of the best camera drones come with companion apps that you can use to edit your photos and instantly share to your social media – we’ll take a look at some of these in our selfie drone reviews below.

Drones for selfies come in different shapes and sizes. On the one hand, you have the cheap and cheerful models that can be picked up from under $100 and can be used to take quick and easy selfies from the air. On the other hand are more professional camera drones which can cost over $1000 and offer much higher quality pictures.

The great thing is that you don’t need to be an expert to benefit from a selfie drone. There are some really affordable selfie drones that are aimed directly at beginners and are super easy to fly, and even the more advanced ones can be easily mastered with a little patience.

We review both types of these drones below, so you’ll find something to suit your budget and experience level. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Instagram selfie or a drone that’ll help you capture that perfect family holiday photo, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations.

Syma X600W – Cheapest Selfie Drone

Syma X600W selfie drone

If you’re new to drone flying and are just looking for a cheap model that you can use to easily take selfies from the air, the Syma X600W is a good choice. 

In terms of the drone selfie camera, you can take 1080P HD photos, which is pretty standard for drones in this price range. This drone can also be used to capture FPV (first-person view) HD video as well, which you can then instantly share on your social media through the Syma app. 

You can also use the Syma app to control the drone, which makes things super simple for beginners. Alternatively, you can use the remote controller that comes included with the drone.

This drone has some useful flying features to help you capture the right selfie. For example, the altitude hold mode makes it hover steadily at a certain altitude, meaning you can focus on taking photos. There’s even one-key take-off and landing functions, so you can easily get flying with just the click of a button!

The Syma X600W comes with two rechargeable batteries that are easy to swap out, offering up to 24 minutes flight time in total – a lot longer than most other under $100.

Another thing worth noting about this drone is that it’s one of the highest-rated models on Amazon, with a 4.8-star rating from close to 50 reviews. Users have praised how easy it is to control, how well it flies and the fact that it’s so lightweight and easy to travel with. 

Hubsan H501SS X4 – Best Selfie Drone for Beginners

Hubsan H501SS X4

Hubsan is a well-known manufacturer of cheap drones, and the H501SS X4 is one of its most popular models. This is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly drone that still has decent selfie-taking capabilities.

For starters, it has a 1080P HD camera. While you can get much better camera quality for a few hundred dollars the H501SS X4 still offers decent quality photographs and is particularly good value for money.

Plus, this drone has some great features that make it both easy to capture selfies and also to add some cool effects to your photos. 

One of the highlights is the follow me mode. As the name suggests, this sees the drone automatically follow you while it flies in the air with the camera focused on you – perfect for taking selfies!

A similar function is the orbiting mode. This also sees the drone focus on you – or whatever you set as the focus person or object – but instead of simply following you, it circles you in the air, allowing you to easily take selfies from different angles. 

Other useful features are altitude hold and automatic return to home, which make the overall flying process much simpler for beginners.

Finally, this drone is really easy to control, even if you’re a first-time flier. It comes with an intuitive Hubsan controller with a 4.3” LCD screen, so you’ll quickly get used to it after a few flies.

DJI Mini – Great Value for Money 

DJI Mini

This model is made by DJI, the leading manufacturer of consumer camera drones. DJI drones really do offer unrivaled quality when it comes to all types of drone photography, including selfies. 

The Mini is now one of DJI’s older drones and there have been several upgrades released since, but it remains highly popular due to being one of the best value drones on the market.

It’s different from most of DJI’s other drones due to its very small size and lightweight. As this drone weighs just 249g, you can fly it without having to apply for an FAA license, so it’s quicker and easier to get started with than larger drones.

Not only that, but its lightweight and compact size – it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand – means you can easily carry it around so you’re ready whenever an opportune selfie moment arises.

While it’s very small, the Mini still offers really impressive drone selfie camera capabilities, which are virtually unbeatable for price. It can capture 12MP photos and 2.7k video, so you can capture really high-quality selfies.

Another great thing about this drone – and all DJI drones, in fact – is that it has a 3 axis motorized gimbal. This helps keep the camera really steady during flight, so you’ll be able to capture smooth pictures with ease.

It also offers 30 minutes of flight time, which is a lot longer than most other drones in this price range and gives you plenty of time to capture that perfect selfie.

DJI Mini 2 – Best Mini Selfie Drone 

DJI Mini 2

Here is where we start to get into the higher-end range of selfie drones. The Mini 2 is one of the upgrades on the original Mini we mentioned, and it keeps all that makes its predecessor great while also adding some great new features. 

It weighs the same – 249g, around the weight of an average smartphone – and is really compact, so it’s a super-portable selfie drone.

So, how is the Mini 2 different from the original Mini? Well, in terms of the camera, the photography capabilities are the same – 12MP. However, whereas the Mini offers 2.7k video, the Mini 2 significantly upgrades that by offering 4k video.

This air selfie drone also offers 4x zoom, allowing you to capture clear selfies from a wider variety of angles and perspectives.

Another difference is that the Mini 2 supports both RAW and JPEG files, rather than just JPEG like the original Mini. RAW is preferred by a lot of photographers as it offers a lot more post-processing opportunities, so you can really get some serious selfie editing in.

The Mini 2 also offers more intelligent flying and camera modes. The Mini has some great modes like Helix, Dronie, and Circle which see the drone capture unique footage by performing preset motions while recording. 

However, with this selfie drone there are additional, more advanced functions like Boomerang and Panorama pictures.

Finally, there’s also the fantastic Enhanced Photo feature that allows you to download automatically enhanced photos from the DJI app and share them instantly to your Instagram or Facebook – perfect for a selfie fanatic!

DJI Spark – Excellent Flight Modes for Selfie Taking

DJI Spark selfie drone

The DJI Spark is designed to offer a similar quality to DJI’s professional camera drones at a price and level of usability that’s more suitable to less experienced users, so it’s certainly one of the best selfie drone models.

Like the Mini 2, it has a high-quality CMOS sensor camera that offers 12MP selfies, but what really makes the Spark stand out is its fantastic range of smart flight modes.

This drone is all about optimum ease of use. For example, it uses unique FaceAware facial recognition technology that sees it lift off from your hand and hover in place, so you can easily launch it within seconds whenever you want to take a selfie. 

Another really cool feature is gesture control, allowing you to control the drone’s camera while it’s in the air using just hand signals. As there’s no need to hold a controller or smartphone, your hands are completely freed up and there’s nothing in the way of your selfie. 

There’s also ActiveTrack, another intelligent flight mode in which the drone automatically recognizes objects and people as you set it to, so you can be sure the camera will be focused on you.

The Spark is compatible with the DJI GO 4 drone app which has an array of editing templates and filters, so you can easily edit your pictures and then share them on social media.

DJI Air 2S – Best Selfie Drone for Camera Quality 

DJI Air 2S selfie drone

We’ve covered the more affordable selfie drones on the market, so now it’s time to take a look at the model best suited to your more serious selfie takers.

If you’re looking for a really high quality drone camera to take your selfie game to the next level, the DJI Air 2S is certainly one to check out.

This drone has a significantly better camera than cheaper DJI models like the Mini, with a one inch sensor and large 2.4μm pixels that provides genuinely stunning stills. Not only that, but this drone also offers 5.4k/30fps and 4k/30fps video.

With high dynamic range, high resolution and accurate color reproduction, the Air 2S allows you to take sharp and vibrant selfies even in low light conditions.

It also has a 10-bit Dlog-M color profile that can record up to one billion colors while retaining the finest details, meaning your selfies really do pop.

Another difference between this and other DJI models is that the Air 2S boasts MasterShots, the upgraded version of DJIs QuickShots feature. With just one tap, this intelligent feature makes the drone fly numerous routes while focusing on you, so you can capture selfies in a completely different way to ever before. 

While it’s expensive, the unparalleled camera quality and fantastic intelligent flying features mean the Air 2S is our pick for the best selfie drone on the market.

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