Can I Fly Drone Over a School? A Handy Guide


Are you planning on flying a drone over a school?

Before you take off, it’s important to know whether or not it’s legal to do so. The rules and regulations regarding drone flight can vary depending on the location, so it’s important to do your research beforehand.

In this article, I’ll answer the question: can you fly a drone over a school?

In short, the answer is YES! You can fly drones over a school, but there are some important considerations and regulations to keep in mind.

The laws around drone flight can be complex. So, I’ll also let you know about FAA regulations, security concerns, permissions needed, and penalties (if any) so that you’re fully informed.

Can I Fly Drone Over a School

FAA Regulations on Flying Drones Over a School

Even though it’s allowed to fly drones over a school, here are some FAA regulations that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Always ensure that you follow drone regulations and maintain a safe flight while flying over a school. Avoid crowded areas, do not take pictures without consent, and check that the school is outside of any no-fly zones.
  2. Do not fly drones over people who are unaware of the drone if they don’t have a roof over their heads or are not in a stationary car. If the drone must fly over moving vehicles, it should do so only for a short time, and everyone in the vehicles should be notified about the drone.
  3. Keep the drone at a safe distance from people and property so that if it crashes, it will pose no danger. Exhibit proper airmanship and follow all necessary precautions.
  4. Understand and adhere to drone categories and their regulations, which include Category 1 (drones weighing 0.55 pounds or less), Category 2 (drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds), Category 3 (drones not allowed to fly over crowds), and Category 4 (drones requiring an Airworthiness Certificate).


Security Concerns

Flying a drone over a school comes with its own set of unique security concerns, which are worth considering before launching your drone. Here are some potential security concerns to keep in mind.

Security Concerns for Flying Drones Over a School

  1. Privacy Invasion: Flying a drone over a school can potentially capture personal and sensitive information about students and staff, leading to privacy violations.
  2. Unauthorized Surveillance: Drones can be misused for spying on school activities and gathering information for malicious purposes, like planning criminal activities or stalking individuals.
  3. Distraction Hazard: The noise and presence of drones can disrupt classes and be a source of distraction for students, affecting their learning process and focus.
  4. Physical Safety: Drones may malfunction or crash, posing a risk of injury to students and staff, as well as potential property damage.
  5. Terrorism Threat: Drones can be weaponized to carry out terror attacks, making schools and their occupants vulnerable targets.

Permissions and Permits

To fly a drone over a school, it is crucial to obtain the necessary permissions and permits.

First and foremost, adhere to local drone regulations and maintain a safe flight. This includes avoiding crowded areas and taking photographs without consent. Additionally, ensure the school is not within a no-fly zone, as flying in restricted areas can lead to penalties. Finally, prioritize safety by not posing any danger to individuals or property within the school’s vicinity.

Acquiring the appropriate permissions and permits will enable you to fly your drone over a school responsibly and legally.

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1. Can I Fly Drones Over a School if I am not a Licensed Drone Pilot?

If you are not a licensed drone pilot, it is generally not advisable to fly a drone over a school. Schools are often considered sensitive areas, and there may be privacy concerns, or local or state regulations prohibiting unauthorized drone flights over school property. Always check with your local authorities and school administration for specific rules and guidelines before attempting to fly a drone over a school.

2. Who can Authorize the Use of Drones Over a School?

The authorization for the use of drones over a school typically falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States, or similar governing bodies in other countries. In order to fly a drone over a school, one must adhere to the specific regulations set forth by these authorities, which may include obtaining a special waiver or permission. Additionally, the school administration or school district may have their own policies regarding drone usage on their property, so it is essential to consult with them and obtain any necessary permissions before flying a drone over a school.

3. Can the Police Fly Drones Over a School?

Yes, police can fly a drone over a school, provided they have the necessary permissions and follow the guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and any local regulations. Law enforcement agencies may use drones for various purposes, such as monitoring large events, surveying a crime scene, or ensuring public safety. However, they must respect privacy concerns, maintain a safe distance, and follow any specific restrictions that may apply to the airspace over a school.


In conclusion, before flying a drone over a school, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the appropriate resources and tools. Download the B4UFLY mobile app to easily find safe and legal flying locations.

Drone laws are subject to change, and information in this blog may become outdated; always consult official sources for the latest regulations.

And if you have a related query, kindly feel free to let me know in the comments.

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